19 ways to experience virtual Dubai

Posted on 25 March 2020

Dubai’s cultural centres, fitness experts and top-tier chefs, amongst others, have made it easy to access and experience some of the best the city has to offer virtually.

Online cooking classes and demos

Get a taste of world-class culinary creations by renowned Dubai chefs from the comfort of your couch.
Dubai-based chef, and ex-head of Waka, Roberto Segura creates healthy dishes each week. Segura promotes clean eating through his easy-to-make, plant-based cuisine that can be prepared from supermarket-bought ingredients. Tune in to Segura’s YouTube channel Cooking With Roberto and his IGTV @chef_robertosegura


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This smoothie bowl is full of super foods, create your own version or follow the step by step recipe on the video. Full Recipe Avocado Smoothie Bowl: For the base: 1 avocado 1 banana 1/2 cup Almond milk @ecomiloficial For the toppings: 1 strawberry cut in slices 4 golden berries cut in half’s 6-8 blueberries 1 spoon raw organic cacao nibs 2 spoon organic quinoa flakes 2 spoon organic honey @rowsehoneyuk or make it vegan with agave syrup 1/4 mango cut in slices Follow the steps 👆🏻 Enjoy and ask me any question you have, im here to guide you and helo anytime #heathyfood #handmadeplates @may.worldcreations #cookingwithroberto #yomequedoencasacocinando #cheflife #cookingathome #yomequedoencasa #stayhome #chefrobertosegura #healthyrecipes @catererme #mydubai #fightcovid19 #nonstop

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Health and fitness

Looking for ‘self-carentine’ health and wellness guides? Follow these Dubai-based fitness gurus for lounge-based workouts and tips on health and wellness.

Bringing spirit to your yoga practice, Jivamukti with Dina brings you live, guided Jivamukti yoga classes on her Facebook platform. This array of classes challenges yoga practitioners ad incorporates meditation, asana and chanting.


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I launched my first ever live yoga class last week, and have hosted one almost every day ever since. 📱 It’s been a shift and a learning curve (I don’t know what the •$*% I’m doing) but it’s also been fun and fulfilling to still be teaching ~ even though I don’t know how many of you are behind the screen! For those that have been watching and supporting, you have no idea how much it means to me. This community is incredible; I’m in total awe and gratitude of you all! If you’ve been enjoying the tasters, I’ll be hosting my first full 75min class on Zoom this Wednesday 7pm (after my 6:30pm insta live chakra meditation) 🧘🏻‍♂️ To join, click the link in bio! I’m also available for one on one and small group virtual private sessions ✌🏼let’s see where this all takes us. With love xoxo

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The ‘Find Your 30’ platform on the Dubai Fitness Challenge website features great practical tips for nutrition and wellness, and even offers daily workouts.

Active gyms and fitness centres like Barrys bootcamp, The Platform Dubai and Crank Dubai are all offering free workout and fitness schedules through their respective Instagram pages straight from their trained fitness experts.

An additional assortment of yoga classes from well-known Dubai-based yoga studios and their instructors, including Dryp and Yoga La Vie, are encouraging yoga practitioners at all levels to light those candles, roll out their yoga mats and indulge in some guided yoga and meditation.

If body weight and flexibility training is more your style, training experts from Gravity DXB, Dubai’s first calisthenics and parkour gym are also offering free training sessions through their Instagram portal.


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⠀ ⠀ Just because we’re closed, doesn’t mean your workout stops! ✨ EXPAND to see the entire workout 💪🏼 We’ll be uploading online workouts you can do at home, until we re-open! 😍 Each day we’ll upload tutorials for you to do at the comfort & safety of your home! 🙏🏼 ⠀ ⠀ We’d love to see you trying it out, so make sure you tag us so we can share it! 💪🏼 Today’s workout is brought to you by @roger_jimenezjulian, & you can follow it below: ⠀ ⠀ Workout 1 -Wall walk handstand + 10″ Wall Plank. x5 -Push ups + 5″B. x5 -Squat Hold. 45″ x3 2 Intervals. -Scissors. 30″/15″ x4 -Push up Shoulder Tap. 30″/15″ x4 3 Dragon Flag. x10 ⠀ ⠀ If you’ve got any questions, comment below or email us on [email protected]. ⠀ ⠀

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Dubai’s Museums

Housed in the oldest building in the city, Dubai Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in experiencing the historical sights, sounds and scents of pre-modern UAE and discovering how Dubai’s great visionary leadership guided the city into becoming the vibrant place it is today.

Etihad Museum is located in the exact place were the UAE was founded, making it the perfect place to explore the story of how it all began. This landmark preserves key capsules of contemporary UAE history, allowing visitors to discover life in the UAE prior to the unifying treaty of the seven emirates.

Learn about Dubai’s traditional way of life by touring through the narrow lanes of Al Fahidi Historical District where visitors can soak up history and heritage of the city. A virtual stroll through this district will take you back in time, but very much sustain the city’s cultural essence as it houses and incubates a number of cultural activities including, art, arts and culture societies and specialised museums.

Al Fahadi District, Dubai. Image: Dubai 360

An old fort built out of clay, Al Naif Museum was once the headquarters of the Dubai Police Force, serving as the base of Dubai’s very first police station. Built in 1939, the building now consists of two showrooms, provides fascinating insights into how the city’s justice system and its journey into modernism.
Home to one of the UAE’s most famous poets, Al Oqaili Poet Museum showcases beautiful aspects of a harmonious marriage between architecture and art. This heritage home holds artistic ornaments and writings – an expression of its owner’s fine taste, but also houses important historical artefacts.
A small but special historical monument, Umm Al Sheif Majlis served as the summer home to the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. This two-story structure, known for its peaceful surroundings, served as the perfect getaway from the bustle of the city, but is especially well-commemorated as a key place for decision-making for Sheikh Rashid and his council (Majlis).

Art Galleries

Experience regional art through virtual tours of some of Dubai’s best art showcases.
The Third Line art gallery in Al Quoz, which represents and supports contemporary Middle Eastern art on a local, regional and global level, is giving art lovers their fix through online virtual tours of its gallery. Virtual visitors can sign up with Art Basel to view the online viewing rooms.
International favourite Art Dubai is taking its content online. The festival will come alive in the digital space and will feature its annual Global Art Forum which gathers original and contemporary thinkers into an intimate open space. Visitors will also be treated to a series of themed and curated performance art programmes, and can enjoy over 500 artworks across in its online art catalogue.
Renowned cultural district Alserkal Avenue is banding together in the spirit of community. To give audiences access to all of its new art exhibitions, the chance to get to know some of the contributing creators or simply to browse, the district is launching its 360-degree digital platform.

Dubai’s landmarks

Learn more about Dubai’s magnificent landmarks.

One of the world’s most notable landmarks, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa will be featured in documentary series “BIG!” hosted by Richard Hammond. The series focuses on the most daring and the largest engineering feats. Viewers can tune in to Discovery Channel and Amazon Prime for the full episode dedicated to the miraculous structure.
With Dubai 360, the world’s largest and highest quality virtual tour programme, it has never been easier to experience some of the city’s history and heritage. The programme gives visitors access to a number of Dubai’s landmarks from anywhere in the world, including cascading rooftop views over the entire expanse of the city.


Featured image: Unsplash


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