Squirrel takes on cobra

Posted by Aimee Pace on 3 March 2020

Onlookers were shocked by the bravery displayed by a tiny squirrel as she took on a cobra in defence of her babies in the Kruger National Park this week.

In the video below, the mother squirrel can be seen darting back and forth while distracting the serpent with her fluffy tail as it strikes at her repeatedly.

It seems the squirrel’s babies are nearby and she is attempting to keep the snake away from her defenceless little ones.

The confrontation goes on for some time (and the video shows some slow-motion shots too) before the snake retreats to a hole nearby.

Currently with just over 11,000 views, the video of the epic battle shared on 3 March is picking up popularity fast.

This sighting was shared with LatestSightings.com from the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park by the 41-year-old safari guide for Leo Vantage Safaris, Dave Pusey.

Watch the full video here:

Picture: Facebook/Screenshot from video

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