Japan puts entire world on ‘do not travel’ list

Posted by Imogen Searra on 26 March 2020

The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Japanese Government has also announced further countermeasures by requesting that its citizens refrain from non-essential, non-urgent travel to any part other of the world.

The statement is the first of its kind. Up until now, only certain parts of the world have been deemed high-risk by Japanese officials. This is the first time the entire globe has been declared a no-go zone,  according to SoraNews24.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a four-tier system to categorise countries based on their risk. Earlier this month, the entire world was placed at Level 1. This level means that citizens should exercise ‘increased caution’.

This has been lifted to Level 2, the request to not travel at all, unless it is essential/urgent. Regions of China as well as Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Iran are all at Level 3. This is a legal ban on travelling to and from Japan to these areas.

The evacuation of Japanese citizens from any region is Level 4, which has not been implemented in any area.

Image: Unsplash



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