Strange travel accessories for your next flight

Posted by Ondela Mlandu on 9 November 2018

Headphones, snuggies and earplugs are the norm when it comes to travelling, but there’s a whole lot of other not-so-conventional travel accessories out there. Disposable airplane seat covers, urination tubes and even personal oxygen masks, which act as a source of ‘healthier’ air, to name a few.

Here are five quirky accessories that, though undoubtedly odd, look like they’ll make your next flight a whole lot more comfortable.

1. Travel onesie

Made with a soft sweatshirt material, this unique getup has been designed with an inflatable neck pillow and fabric helmet that can be blown using your mouth. The onesie also has a sleeping mask that can be strapped to your headrest to stop you from falling forward when you nod off. Ingenious.

2. Seat dividers

Avoid armrest fights with strangers on the plane by using this seat divider. Placing one of these onto an armrest acts as a divider between you and your neighbour. The seat dividers are 100% durable as well as recyclable. They also fold flat to fit into any handbag or pocket.

Image from My Plane Space

3. Ostrich pillow

The sight of you wearing an Ostrich travel pillow may cause people to crack up, but you’ll be too fast asleep to notice. Made out of foam with a protective cotton fabric layer, the pillow has three different positions so you can choose the one that feels the most comfortable for your neck all while blocking out the light.

The Ostrich Pillow. Image supplied.

4. Face cradle

The Face cradle is designed to help you sleep comfortably sitting upright chair, perfect for those long-haul flights. The neck pillow holds your head up, supporting your neck while you sleep. 

Face cradle. Image from Ippinka

5. Marc Pro

When we travel, our muscles tighten up due to sitting still for a long time. The Marc Pro works to prevent this by stimulating your muscles to keep the blood flowing during long flights and drives.

Image from Marc Pro

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