Braai gear to love this summer

Posted by Matt Sterne on 6 December 2018

Whether it’s sosaties or sirloins you’re slapping on the braai, we’ve found the kit for you.

1. Bonbraai


One of the best features of this 5kg portable braai is that it can be used on any surface – from a balcony to the tailgate of your bakkie. The fire is lit in a shallow, 45cm-diameter stainless-steel dish that’s raised a few centimetres off the ground, and there’s no mess from the charcoal or ash. You can even pick the BonBraai up by the side handles while the fire is going. The grid is not adjustable and sits fairly low, so only a small amount of briquettes is needed. The unit is sturdy, simple to set up and comes with a handy carry bag. A range of accessories such as a skottel pan and collapsible table are also available.


2. Fireside stainless steel small folding braai


This little braai transforms from three sheets of folded steel into a compact unit in seconds. The grid measures 35,5 x 35,5cm, which is big enough to grill two packs of boerie. It feels a little flimsy when setting up but, as it turns out, has a good centre of gravity and contains the fire nicely. It weighs only 1,9kg and its three separate parts can be carried by hiking companions to share the load.


3. Gibson open face fishing rod lighter

When you think of combining two favourite outdoor activities in one product, you either get a backpack that turns into a mountain bike or a fishing-rod lighter for your braai. It might seem silly but this lighter’s pretty useful. The elongated rod makes reaching the Blitz an absolute cinch, and it’s also a convenient way to light candles; the reel even gyrates, mimicking a genuine rod. It’s refillable with butane gas and would be a fun gift for a fishing friend.

4. Beagle and Basset braai bag

Finally, a proper man bag. This stylish pouch allows you to take braai kit on your adventures and keep the dirty grid off your car seat or boot carpet on the way home. The bag fits a medium-sized grid, grid stand, tongs and firelighters, with space for a cigar and half-jack of whisky, too. Made from nylon that looks like canvas, in black or olive green, the bag has a PVC inner, which is easy to clean, and has leather handles. For an extra R450, you’ll get a grid, stand and tongs.

5. Tonglite braai tongs

I initially dismissed this contraption as a gimmick but, boy, was I wrong. After one night flipping steaks with it, there’s no turning back. While holding the ergonomically designed handle, your thumb can flick the torch on and off, allowing you to inspect the meat and turn it easily. They are slightly heavier than normal tongs but the weight is negligible. The LED flashlight has a warm white glow. Just remember to remove the torch before washing the tongs.

6. Mystical Fire

I was drawn to this product by its intriguing name. It sounds like something from Harry Potter, and it looks like it too. After you have braaied your food, chuck a closed pack onto a fi re and wait for the visual extravaganza to begin. The flames turn electric blue and Mediterranean turquoise, creating what looks like a troll’s hair in the wind. For best results, use three packs at once, which should last from one to two hours. Just don’t cook over these colourful flames.

7. 3-in-1 jaffle maker

There’s something wonderfully simple about jaffles. But two big challenges are avoiding burning the bread, and the labour involved in cooking a lot of them (people always want seconds). This aluminium jaffle maker means you can triple the pace with which they come off the fire. I’m sure this is especially good news for big families. It’s glorious to have three come out at once – just watch out that the middle connector plate doesn’t stick to the bread.


8. LK’s standard rotisserie

LK’s offers a wide range of rotisseries, from deep-basket options to gas and electric ones. The standard model, however, provides the best spectacle. There’s something wonderfully hypnotic about watching meat rotate slowly, dripping juices while acquiring a dark gleam. The rotisserie is simple to assemble, then just switch it on and wait. It’s freestanding, so all you need to worry about is keeping the coals going. If you use it often, the cost of the batteries might become an issue, in which case buy an adaptor for the 220V female point (widely available from electrical wholesalers).

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