Waterproof summer reading in or outside the pool

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 19 September 2019

A Florida resort chain has recently introduced waterproof reading books at two hotels for its guests to enjoy at the pool – or even inside it.

The hotel group has introduced a range of books from Bibliobath, a Chinese-Dutch design duo based in Amsterdam that could change the future of enjoyable summer reading.

Since 2015, Bibliobath has been offering a small selection of classic literature and poetry in waterproof, tear-resistant reading books made from polypropylene (synthetic).

The books have been tested to withstand different water temperatures from your pool to salty surf and even soapy bathwater, making any waterside ready occasion a relaxing experience.

They cost a pretty penny, however, retailing from £19 (R350), but they’ll endure for many holidays to come, much like the carefully curated classics themselves, which includes the likes of Shakespeare and Sun Zi (The Art of War).

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Ever heard of a waterproof book made from stone?

Featured image: bibliobath

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