Sleep with the fish tonight

Posted by Ishani Chetty on 29 January 2019

Explore the depths of the ocean underwater and even take a nap with the fish in the new inflatable tent designed by Ocean Opportunity.

Ocean Opportunity, an organisation established in 2003 is aimed at developing an ocean literate society has dubbed their new invention, the Ocean Space Habitat.

The innovative and inflatable mechanism was developed by founder of Ocean Opportunity and National Geographic explorer Michael Lombardi and Winslow Burleson an associate professor at New York University.

This unique invention aids deep sea scientific divers providing a dry space for divers to eat, sleep, talk and study collected samples. Providing divers with more valuable time to explore the depths of the waters.

“Ocean Space Habitat is a portable inflatable dwelling which establishes a dry space within the undersea environment.” said the Ocean Opportunity website.



It is also aimed at providing a breathing room for avid divers, allowing them to decompress. The device also functions as a safety mechanism in case of emergency, where divers can clearly communicate verbally once in the tent.

In addition divers are given the chance to conserve oxygen by using this device.

The tent is portable and can be dissembled and transported, offering an easy and accessible mechanism for divers.

Creator Lombardi told National Geographic that the mechanism will allow individuals to experience the ocean in a new and cost efficient way compared to normal scuba diving operations.

“I like to think it offers an opportunity for a truly immersive experience. The tent allows us to take home a bit more than we would as temporary visitors using conventional SCUBA techniques,” he said.

Lombardi adds that it is open to anyone, not only scientific divers.

“It could also be a valuable shared resource, for a group interested in long underwater science excursions or even underwater tea parties and picnic lunches.”

With an underwater tent, individuals will be able to experience the ocean in a new way.

Currently the tent is not available for sale and divers that are wanting to experience the unique expedition can contact Ocean Opportunity.

Ocean Opportunity, the inflatable tent underwater.



Picture: Ocean Opportunity/ Ocean Space Habitat

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