Frozen waterfall causes ‘diamond dust’

Posted by Anita Froneman on 22 January 2020

Earlier this week Twitter users were awestruck by a video of the Salmon River Falls in Oswego County, in the state of New York, that was partially frozen resulting in minuscule ice particles floating in the air.

Responses to the video included ‘gorgeous,’ ‘amazing’ and ‘magical’.

This winter wonder show called ‘diamond dust’ is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when temperatures drop to sub-zero. Kucko’s videos caught the sunlight reflecting off ice crystals at just the right moment and the result is a spectacular display.

Photographer John Kucko is known for his spectacular imagery of natural scenery and has also captured Lake Ontario’s ‘ice plates’ in a particularly cold winter.

This past weekend, the New York area received its first significant snowfall of the year.

Image: Twitter

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