Explore the Standard Bank Art Gallery at home

Posted by Leila Stein on 25 March 2020

South Africa is facing a nationwide lockdown which will have us all sitting in our homes for 21-days straight. While there are many ways to keep entertained, why not experience a bit of culture from your couch with the Standard Bank Art Gallery?

‘Walk’ around the 3D experience which showcases their Lumières d’Afriques Exhibition. Click on selected tiles to stand in front of each artwork and read about the artist and the work itself.

There are 54 pieces of art from artists across the African continent to marvel at.

All the pieces were made under the theme, ‘The Light of Africa.’ This exhibition has been touring for the last 5 years and is premised on the idea that the 21st century belongs to Africa, while also reflecting on the challenges facing the development of the continent.

Enter the immersive experience here.

Image: Screenshot

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