Dine on Filipino cuisine at this waterfall restaurant

Posted by Aimee Pace on 11 April 2019

Many would argue that interesting and even odd dining experiences are part of what makes travelling worthwhile. If you agree, you should definitely add Waterfalls Restaurant in the Philippines to your travel list.

The unique restaurant is set up right in the water of a shallow river below a peaceful artificial waterfall, and guests can laze in the water as well as eat.

This watery wonderland is offered to guests of Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort and those who come to enjoy a meal here are welcomed by lush greenery that lines the restaurant and the ever-inviting sound of rushing water.

Travellers can feast on a variety of local dishes and take a break in-between courses to simply lie down in the cooling cascades of the waterfall.

Visitors will be happy to know that the waterfall actually acts as a source of hydropower for the local coconut farm nearby, and those who have their meals here are contributing to the cause.

Sitting down to eat, you’re just a few feet from the small rushing waterfall. A Kamayan-style buffet is always on offer featuring fish, rice, barbecued chicken, and bananas known locally as a banana cue.

Fresh fruits and more are part of the spread and laid out on banana leaves.

The small waterfall forms part of the Philippines’ first hydroelectric plant and is created by the runoff from the Lasbasin Dam.

Although the waterfall is not a naturally-occurring one, it is still a unique and rare experience that makes for a great travel memory.


Learn more about the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort here.


Pictures: Facebook


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